Vector-Ride's Extra Files for
Nitori's Mysterious Station Wagon of Touhou, Table Flips and FSteaks

The Youkai of Touhou

Link Warning. print quality...[61.1 MB] and is a book featuring layout, not content.

Player 1 !2 3 and 4 versions of silly_moogle

Draft2 of Character Pack 1

This is intended to better introduce myself, poke fun at myself, and start exhibiting some of my personal story projects. 

Bad_moogle is Rip from my high school series, The Warpers.  He was supposed to be an alternate version of me, but has changed and is disgruntled.  Oh and the !2P thing is because he doesn't well with others anymore.  He does whatever he can to be a pest. 

The other two actual girls, the twins from World of Rhiannon or "Starship Commander Rhiannon".  Well, kind of.  I don't know how to put it in a way that is PC...  4p or Rianna-Clair (or just Clair is fine) has a unique perspective on the whole gender thing.  Let's just say when the cat is out of the bag, she becomes the bane of Rip's existance.  :P

I do fully intend to have a second character pack that Rip and I will be at each others throats, as we introduce more of my characters, including the one (or ones) he has a personal grudge against from my Gaia story project.  Katie will also be here with her Uncle Atrick.  Katie has both a Walfas and 2 comic forms.  Sadly, I tend to substitute "Atrick" in my name, so I have two unique Atricks, the younger one in Gaia story project and the older one in AIR Blade.

Oh, I had best tell people how to pronounce Atrick.  It's like "Eric" but take the "E" off and add the "at" sound infront.  So I guess you could say @rick?  But not "Ayetrick"  no no no.

Animation set packs

These are Walfas things that have been taken apart for animating or just posing more than the regular Walfas allows.

Sam (aka iceblue1220) set

Walfasquest files and resources

I am working with Tanhammer to create Walfasquest.  "Klick" for more information.

So anyways, here's the current set of files:

SpriteSet #1

Pretty Pretty Pony contaminates Kung Fu from Beyond The Grave audio files Pak 1

This is a collection of audio files from a class redubbing of Kung Fu From Beyond The Grave.  I'm playing the evil shaman like character.  He does so many weird things... I just made him into a Pretty Pretty Pony fanatic.  This is me with a more gravely voice.  Enjoy!