Keichi Maebara walking to school
Renna Ryuugu greets in the morning
Mion Shinosake waits for fellow upper classmen
The teacher, Rika, and Satako.
Satako is cheating, looking at Rika's answers
Weekend, Satako and Rika at the Furudae Shrine
Satako is competitve, even when eating.
Renna wants to take Keichi to her favorite spot...
... the GARBAGE DUMP!!!
And it looks like there's a new pile of treasure
Renna giddy with antisipation of finding new cute things.
This guy dies in every story arc
Renna seems happy with her finds of the day.
Renna's happy to find the "Kenta" doll, but it's too big to take home.
Club Initiation
Everyone knows the dog-eared cards
It's Time for the Punishment game!
Keiichi's face looks more like a racoon.
Renna's trying to free the statue under the garbage.
Renna remembers there's something to clear the rubble.
Scary Picture # 1.
Oh... it's too late to free the kenta doll today.
Club activities at the local summer festival
Notice:  Renna is glomping Rika in her Miko outfit
Notice:  Renna is glomping Rika in her Miko outfit
Cotton Drifting festival.  The cotton absorbs all the bad in the person and is cast off into the river.
The detective Oiishi
Mion has to leave club early for family matters
Does someone have a secret?
Ah, the local clinic doctor (and baseball coach)
Renna and Mion outside bringing food for Keiichi.
Renna wants to come in.
Keiichi passed out and his fellow upper classmates brought him home.
They are really worrid about Keiichi