DES 210 Animation

DES 230 (Photoshop 2 Class)


DES/GAM 130 (Photoshop 1 class) portfolio


DES 121 (Illustrator 2)


DES 111 (Drawing 2)

Political Poster stratchboard (When you text and drive, you ride with death)

Stipple dot pictures (May 9, 2010)


DES 120 (Illustrator 1)

Cyolon one color vector

Final project for Illustrator,  Katee Sackhoff portrait using zone system... Restrictions of 3 colors, + black and white....  and only 20 path/objects.  I did it in 19.

Image to be used for still life vector.

March 12, 2010 Outline mesh view from Illustrator.  Yes, this is what forms to the left.