Satako Hojo

Keiichi Maebara

The series is told through Keiichi's eyes most of the time.  He is probably the second oldest in the group of friends.

Dark Secret / Police Record:

Before moving to Hinamizawa, Keiich was responsible for shooting BB Gun pellets at some little girls.  It is unknown what triggered this in him. This is completely acharacteristic of him.  He is remorseful of the insident.

Weapon of choice:  Satoshi's Baseball Bat
Backup Weapons:  Golf club, shovel, BB Gun.

Renna Ryuugu

Lover of all things cute and a picker (if you watch American Picker's you'll know what I mean).  Her father moved back to Hinamizawa with his daughter when his wife divorsed him.  Some hobbies include cooking and is known for catering the group of friends picnic lunches.  Always seems to be happy and cheerful around friends.

Dark Secret / Police Record:

She tends to be a bit paranoid and completely believes in the Curse of Oyashiro.  She's afraid that because her family left Hinamizawa, Oyashiro has cursed her.  Her mother had an afair that tore her family apart, which caused her to go crazy, breaking things at home, and at school and even beat a boy up so bad she knocked his eye out.  Do not

Weapon of Choice:  Heavy single handed hooked machette / hatchet.
Weapon in past:  Bat¨

Mion Sonozaki

Senior member of the group of friends, Mion often tries to act as the groups leader.  She is the direct heir to the Sonozaki family household.  Her name means demon, and tends to act like a tomboy, to hide her personal weaknesses.  She works on the weekends at the local toy / hobby shop.  This is the same store that sponcers some of the club activities.  Mion acts like a tomboy to hide or deal with her personal shyness.

Shion Sonozaki

Shion is Mion's twin sister.  While Mion's name has demon in it, the actual demon is in Shion.  She is the opposite of Mion.  She acts feminine.  She is somewhat conflicted with Keiichi, as he reminds her of her missing boyfriend, Satoshi Houjou (Older brother of Satako).  She works as a waitress at Angel Mort, a restaurant on the edge of Hinamizawa.

If tradition were followed, Shion would have been killed out of fear of the demon blood in the family (as it is presumed).  Instead, she lives outside of the city of Hinamizawa and is guarded by Kazai, hitman of the Sonozaki family.  (Note: Sonozaki clan has not put hits on anyone in generations.)

Weapon of Choice:  Stun gun
Weapon of Torture: 10 Nail Torture.

Rika Furude

Remaining living member of the Furude clan and thus, shrine maiden to the Furude Shrine in Hinamizawa.  In many of the earlier story arcs, Rika is one of the first friends to die after the Cotton Drifting Festival.  Offers spiritual guidence to friends.  Sometimes have visions of the future.  She is also the only character who is aware of what happens in the other story arcs.

Weapon of choice:  Cuteness, Poison

Satako Hojo

Satako Hojo (or Houjou) lives with Rika Furude at the Furude Shrine.  She is the one who cooks for the two.  She gives Keiichi a hard time but is not bad natured.  Her parents died in front of her on a vaccation that happened during the Cotton Drifting Festaval.  She and her brother were taken in by an abusive uncle.  This uncle and his girlfriend are considered further victims of Oyashiro's curse, and her brother went missing.  She sometimes calls Keiichi by her brother's nickname Ni-ni.  (Quick Japanese lesson.  For those unfamiliar with the Japanese words for family members like Big Brother (Oh-ni-chan) / Big Sister (Oh - Nay- chan).

Weapon of choice:  Traps of all kinds.


Appears in the second Season of When They Cry.  Her horns are real, but is sensitive about them.  She has a connection to the Furude Shrine.  The only one Rika doesn't totally get along with.  Reasons are spiritual.