This chapter starts at the dump
This whole story arc focuses on Renna and her inner demons
Is this the famous missing hand?
Renna Ryuugu's Amazingly True Adventure of a Lifetime.
This starts the story, in the recent past, no more than a month ago with their squirtgun battle at school
Satako is prematurely celebrating victory.
A draw between Renna and Keiichi
What will the punishment game hold for the 3 losers?
Renna's definitely taking Rika home with her today...
Coach stops Renna from taking Satako home
But Renna chases after them
Wait!  are Ed, Edd 'n Eddy around?  This looks like their hangout at the dump.
Interior of Renna's private hang out, inside the van.
Doesn't sound like the rain will let up?
A flashback
Renna comes back home soaking wet.
The father's getting rid of the old stuff.  Notice the Col. Sander's statue (a.k.a. Kenta Doll)?
Renna came to the shop to pick up a delivery, but it's running late.
Here's the Badger game duo.  Their target?  Renna's dad.
Shion asks the waiter for Kazai's favorite desert.  (House special that isn't printed in the menu)
Dad's not home...
Let's see, dad keeps the check book in here.
I'd better check the ballances just to be sure.
Daddy really has been spending all our money on that pink / purple hair hag he's been dating
"That's way too deep for Keiichi. Ppth"
Rina (the gal Renna's dad been going out) admits that she's using her father for money.
Personal note: Never joke about pregancy with Renna.
Someone's angered Renna, look out for retribution.
Rina starts to attack Renna.
"I'll never find a sucker like your dad again...
"... I was gonna let you live, kid..."
"...But you got in the way!"
Rina doesn't understand, this is Renna's turf
Another thing Rina doesn't understand is why Renna's mother payed the father so much money after the divorse.
Rina, it's a little late to be begging for your life when you just tried to kill Renna
This is the last thing Rina saw.
Notice:  Renna is glomping Rika in her Miko outfit
Justice... is only half served.
Now all that is left is to save her dad from Rina's pimp.
Renna delivers a "message" to the pimp to meet her in the garbage dump.
Justice ... finally is served.
Now what do do about the evidence...
A second day that Renna is missing club... must be serious
The bodies are chopped up... but there was no good place to dump the bodies... so in the freezer they go.
There aren't enough majong pieces to play a game.  Let's look for something at the dump.
End of flashback to present day.  Renna has told her story.
Renna fakes a smile here, saything that there wasn't anything that her friends could have done.
Keiichi asks why she's crying... something Renna didn't notice her self.
Her friends won't judge her for killing the two, but will help her get rid of the bodies.
Everyone is in agreement on this point.  Even Rika is voicing her support.
Renna is surprised when they grab her hand in a group commitment to help her out.
They take the body parts to a remote site away from the city and bury the evidence.
Renna thanks her friends for their support, noting that if she was left to deal with the problem on her own, it would have killed her.
This ends the first part of the Atonement chapter