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9 new images from Missing Cat (Act 8 of Big O) and the DVD 4 cover of The Big O also. I'm also coming up with the first name for the Big O portion of my site.
Protectors of Paradigm.

Jan. 17, 2002

Serial Experiments Lain part of my site is being named "Are Friends Electric?" after the Information Society song.

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This site is dedicated to 2 different shows who have the same show writer, Chiaki Konaka. There are some similarities in the different shows. I hope to enlighten you later on this, but enjoy both parts for right now.

Note: All images on this site (unless specified on the page or are banners for other sites) were at least captured or scanned by me.

My Information - in progress.

This site is up because I loved this show and have made this site to increase the popularity and information about "The Big O" on the Internet. The 2 important things I hope this site does is to help create a larger fan base, indirectly increasing sales of Big O merchandise. The other reason is to give fans and people reviewing the show to have access to high quality images of the show.

Like the images on this page and want to use them on your web pages or modify them for a banner or collage, go ahead. If you are using these images on your site, please do the following:

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